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Branding for impact

We are pro-active partners in elevating and bringing purpose to brands, clients, communities and the world around us.
We combine strategy with purpose. Expertise with feelings. We grow brands with brain & heart. Through qualitative strategy and creative designs, we transform brands to shift categories and move people.

We turned 10 in 2022, a milestone to reflect and build on our contribution to the branding industry. MFB grows the impact of your brand through projects, initiatives, ideas and people. We are a studio that strives to empower and be empowered.

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Made for Brands studio is a sister-founded studio in Beirut. Lara is the marketing expert, with a wide experience for the most demanding luxury houses in Paris, mostly Chanel & Cartier. Raya is the creative designer who has partnered with trend-setters in London, Amsterdam & Paris to develop new concepts to challenge the boundaries of design and spaces.

Together, they decided to build an agency that would go beyond categories, combining the best of both worlds: the strategic business expertise with dramatic Design. Through Made For Brands (MFB), they decided to make a difference in their worlds through their teams, communities, clients and across borders, by turning visions into realities.

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