Shifting from a product-based company to a brand about Lebanese flavors

More than just rituals, traditions bond different generations together. They’re our extension to the future and the ever-evolving world.

Where do we draw the line between challenge and tradition? How much tradition should we keep so it can be understood and shared?

Lulu, a Lebanese confectionery brand was created in 2015, quite spontaneously, to answer a market opportunity at the Beirut Duty Free airport. Their initial mission: provide high quality products while empowering Lebanese producers.

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Beirut, Lebanon

Marzioan Packaging and dragees packaging

Two years after its creation, Lynn, the founder behind Lulu, approached us to discuss the evolution of the brand. It had, in two years, shown great interest; products were very successful and tasty; however, the steps to take the brand forward were not clear.With the rise of localism, especially in the food industry, Lulu had to shift from being a product range to becoming a strong brand. We needed to embrace the strengths Lulu acquired during its first two years to build an emotional Lebanese brand that would not only offer high quality products, but also tell a story about Lebanon. Our challenge was to bring together the taste, the brains and the heart.


In the spirit of continuity, Lulu, recognizes and embraces challenges and aspires to reframe the traditional, while reinforcing their values: their sense of hospitality, generosity and community. By taking flavours soaked in heritage and reintroducing them to the Lebanon we live in today. With a product range of over one hundred references, addressed the progressive edge of the brand both in the product themselves as well as the way they were presented/ packaged.


We wanted Lulu to be a positive, vibrant brand that brings happiness to its audience. A big part of that happiness was to be delivered through the packaging, especially that its strategic location within the duty free shops made it an ideal brand for gifting _ to others or simply to be selfishly kept to oneself.
We created an eye-catching vibrant colour palette, inspired from the colors found in the Lebanese seasons, from red strawberries to our deep bordeau wine. This dynamic, full of life colour scheme makes the packaging appear bright, fun and attractive to anyone from business travelers, tourists, families to expats. Juxtaposed with a series of patterns, the palette takes on different lives depending on the product category, range and size. Together, these graphic elements position Lulu as a bold and unique brand, extremely visible on the shelves; one that triggers positive feelings.


Lulu loves Lebanon, and wants to spread its love across borders. We made it a point to develop a bilingual identity (Arabic English), in which the main logo is in Arabic. The love for Lebanon also comes from our pride: all products are made in Lebanon, from a variety of suppliers (small to medium) across the entire country. It was key to transmit this message to whoever holds a Lulu package. We wanted to make Lebanese people proud of carrying the Lulu brand, so they could share it, contagiously.