Challenging the online experience of personalization for a health leader

When Right Bite approached us, they were pivoting; shifting from a diet/ nutrition based solution to a wellness/ lifestyle brand. The gap between their brand identity and their new vision was starting to impact their business.
MFB’s mission was to translate that shift on their entire visual identity: logo, font systems, icons library, packaging, and more importantly on its online user experience. Our goal was to streamline the path from profiling, planning to ordering via the online platform.

Right Bite was founded in Dubai, in 2004 by Nathalie Haddad, a passionate dietician who wants to make a difference in people’s lives through healthy eating. Her key belief “ a perfect diet should help you thrive”.

Right Bite is dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through educated food choices, and by providing customised meal packages that are results-oriented, convenient and flavourful.

Right Bite
Digital user experience and interface UX/UI
Brand identity
Visual identity & collaterals
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

From a bite, to the whole: the brand uplift

Right Bite was not anymore just about eating, but about an entire lifestyle that was heavily based on food choices. For us, at MFB, the shift had to be obvious, moving away from their initial right “bite” to the suggestion of a circle, representing a whole. It was not about the food being eaten. It was about the people leading a balanced, whole life.
Remaining true to the colors and the curvature play of the previous identity, we worked on a dynamic, vibrant and simple logo that anyone would relate to.

The color palette brings together the expertise with the friendliness; evoking vibrancy and harmony. In line with the “whole” direction, we worked on a palette that brought together complementary colors, in harmony.

When creating the font system, we wanted to define a clear hierarchy: a friendly approachable title in a script font contrasting with a modern, pure sanserif font [Aileron]. Together, they allow users to grasp and read rich content intuitively, without feeling too overwhelmed; creating the right balance between functionality meeting genuine friendliness.

The illustrations along with the icons library have been crafted to enhance the fun, heartfelt approach of Right Bite. They put a smile on faces, while bringing some whimsiness to the experience.

Bringing personality into a user experience (The User Interface)

The objective we had set ourselves was to engage users, convert them into customers and keep on delighting them along the way. Presenting all services in an accessible and attractive way, seamlessly, bringing in some fun throughout.
We wanted to understand the overall service path of Right Bite users to be able to deliver a seamless , qualitative online experience.

The biggest challenge was to display a multitude of options and preferences in an intuitive and simple way: make sure the user experience felt natural and not over crowded with choices. We had to make the personalization seem simple, and the choices fun. Our mission was to craft a valuable digital experience.

In collaboration with a team of developers and user experience specialists, we restructured the content in an intuitive way, integrating necessary functionality with genuine human engagement.

Right Bite offers several plan options: build your own plan, subscribe to pre-set programs, and order express meals. Users can also have accounts or be one-time guests. Registered users have a process to complete in which they set their preferences, dietary requirements, delivery preferences (timings, locations), meal preferences, among other options. Therefore, both the UX and the UI had to make users feel comfortable and now overwhelmed by a series of selection processes.

To facilitate the process and bring some warmth to it, we developed a series of small animated GIFs to demonstrate the simplicity behind each action. We wanted to show the flexibility along with the fun aspect behind the process.

Juxtaposed with each dish, we introduce a series of dietary icons that would allow users to quickly grasp the main ingredients.

Bringing together new imagery, illustrations, animations, iconography and engaging typographic systems and colors, we managed to build a seamless yet dynamic experience.

What’s next?

The Right Bite online platform has been successfully released beginning of 2021, providing a great foundation for Right Bite as a market leader.

This shift attracted another F&B leader in the industry, Kitpoi, to join forces and take part in the Right Bite adventure, to allow it to further grow and help societies thrive through healthy lifestyles. Naturally, this acquisition opens the door for a new aspect of Right Bite, yet to be discovered.