Turning a hotel into an urban destination

When the General Manager, Sophia Fakhry, of Smallville Hotel approached us, the mission was distinct: to redefine the hotel’s persona, shaping it into a design destination that seamlessly blended urban aesthetics with the enchantment of superheroes.

Nestled strategically in Beirut City, we wanted Smallville Hotel to epitomize design, dynamism, and a playful urban spirit.
As the branding agency entrusted with this vision, our focus primarily revolved around enhancing the visual identity of the hotel itself and all its distinct outlets.

Smallville Hotel
Signage Design
Art Direction
Packaging Design
Digital user experience and interface UX/UI
Publication Design
Brand identity
Visual identity & collaterals
Beirut, Lebanon

Over a comprehensive 5-year collaboration, we delved into nearly every aspect of the hotel, working on branding strategies that aligned with the ethos of Smallville Hotel. From crafting the hotel’s visual identity to curating unique brand representations for each venue [restaurants, bars, spa, conference rooms, events amongst others], our collaboration encompassed a transformation that resonated with the hotel’s dynamic narrative.

Enhancing the Superhero Vibe: Elevating Smallville’s Brand Identity

In our collaborative journey with Smallville Hotel, our mission extended beyond crafting narratives for individual venues. A pivotal aspect of our role was uplifting the superhero concept, reinforcing the essence of the Smallville brand. To embody this, we assigned a unique superpower to each area within the hotel and meticulously designed logos to represent them. These superpowers were then translated into engaging messages and playful design applications integrated throughout the hotel, ensuring the superhero journey commenced from the very moment a guest booked their stay. For example, confirmation emails were ingeniously transformed into Classified Superhero files, effectively setting the stage for an extraordinary and memorable adventure during their visit. This meticulous attention to detail allowed us to amplify the superhero ambiance, providing guests with an immersive and unforgettable stay at Smallville Hotel, allowing them to feel a part of the superhero narrative from the moment they stepped into their rooms.

Tailored Experiences for Diverse Audiences

Understanding and catering to diverse audience preferences is key to developing venue identities. Smallville Hotel caters to a broad spectrum of guests, tailoring each venue’s identity to resonate with different guest segments. Whether refined for corporate guests or lively for groups of friends, each venue identity is a personalized invitation. We studied the various user journeys and to define the encounters at every touch point, in order to create engaging experiences to the guests; whether they are coming to attend a conference, or for an extended stay.

Harmonizing Diversity within Unity

In the vibrant landscape of Smallville Hotel, each venue tells a distinctive narrative—a story within the grand tale of the hotel. From rooftop poolhouses to social casual concepts, each venue transports guests into different worlds, captivating them with an immersive experience.
Creating individual identities for each venue while maintaining a cohesive brand image is a delicate balance. The challenge lies in ensuring each venue has a unique character while seamlessly blending into the broader identity of Smallville Hotel. These identities contribute to the overall brand mosaic, enriching the collective narrative.

Injecting Vibrancy and Soul

Venue identities are vibrant reflections of the hotel’s personality, exuding energy and character through visual elements, color palettes, and design choices. We opted for playful, bold colors and unconventional typography to resonate with the energetic atmosphere. These graphic decisions ensured that the Smallville identity was not only visible but felt in every aspect of the guests’ experience, leaving a lasting impression of a unique and engaging stay at Smallville Hotel.