When art and flowers meet to create a language of their own

When Rana, an artist, discovered how flowers can be turned into an art, she naturally became The Flowerist; an amalgam bringing florist and artist together. She opened her shop, a happy place where people come and share their stories: from the story told, Rana would craft a unique bouquet, made of locally sourced, seasonal flowers.

She commissioned us to work on her visual identity. We set ourselves to develop a brand that brings together art, intimacy, refinement and happy emotions.

The Flowerist
Packaging Design
Visual identity & collaterals
Beirut, Lebanon

The artist behind the Flowerist

These unique encounters between Rana and her customers made her grow even further as an artist. Visually, we wanted to enhance this personality Rana holds. In the same way a painter would sign his canvas, we wanted to include Rana’s very own signature within the logo.
Using hand-drawn illustrations, we developed a series of drawings of the tools and various flowers seen in Lebanon; hinting at the raw, organic aspect of the florist’s work process.

Crafting the experience

Flowers awaken the senses and the mind. The incredible palette of colors, shapes of nature and various smells invite the senses into deep visual and olfactive senses. To engage the senses furthermore, we decided to play on textured papers throughout the various interactions that happen along the journey between the Flowerist and the world. We use various effects such as gold foil on recycled, rough craft, soft matt lamination against grainy paper, glossy stickers,…
In an aim to share knowledge and raise awareness about flowers and their seasonality, we developed a series of cards, like a monthly calendar of flowers that grow in Lebanon per season. This allowed on one hand to bring art & life to the in-store experience, but also to make the wait for specific flowers more exciting. A fun way of learning flowers names, when they blossom, and the meaning behind them.

Happy thoughts along the encounters

Flowers respond to change: seasons, climate, behaviour,… We choose flowers according to what we feel like saying, implying, or seeing. There are so many reasons why we get flowers, and so many encounters that call for a variety of moments. To reflect those moments, we have, throughout the branding, created an extremely dynamic and flexible identity with messages that adapt to stories, occasions. Whether the Flowerist is part of a monthly ritual, a very special occasion, or a simple desire for beauty, a series of messages were developed to follow life.