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Every project is a story, and for every story we use our power to question, challenge, inspire and transform through our work. We love engaging conversations that make us question the world we live in and think of ways to turn it into a better place.
Every project is a story, and for every
story we use our power to question, challenge,
inspire and transform through our work.
We love engaging conversations that make
us question the world we live in and
think of ways to turn it into a better place.
Raya Tueny Dada
Co-founder and Creative Director

What drives her? Moving people by challenging defined categories. Raya acts as the right brain, the creative side of MFB.

She strongly believes that powerful stories can change people, and that emotions translate to actions. After a degree in graphic design from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) in 2007, she followed her passion for stories and immersive experiences by moving to London for the Central Saint Martins MA in Narrative Environments

Raya the worked on a series of exciting projects across Paris, London and Amsterdam for clients that seek to push the boundaries of what’s next. Projects with Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, Lacoste and Maje, led her to win the Dutch Design Prize and the Most Enterprising Project award.
She decided to move back to Lebanon and start a studio with her sister Lara. Made For Brands was born to elevate brands across the Middle East and beyond.

Raya is grateful for what MFB has become — a business of thinkers and doers building long-term partnerships with clients in various industries and countries.

More recently, Raya has become the country representative for Ladies Wine & Design, a global non-profit initiative that aims to empower women & non-binary creatives around the world in their leadership roles. Raya is also part of the Empower tribe, bringing together women entrepreneurs in redefining what it means to be a leader.

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Lara Tueny Samaha
Co-founder and Marketing Director

What excites her? Working hand-in-hand with inspiring entrepreneurs and building meaningful relationships with them. Lara acts as the left brain, the strategic side of MFB.

She believes that brands have the power to bring people together, trigger emotions and shift perspectives. They have the unique ability to create communities across the world, irrespective of culture or location.

Lara graduated with a BA in business from LAU Beirut and an MA in Marketing from the business school EM Lyon.

She specialized in luxury marketing by working in Paris, for Cartier and Chanel for several years, where she explored how brand personalities have the power to act as the main drive for the company’s vision and strategic growth. Her passion for luxury comes from her love for beauty, aesthetic in every detail and the permanent pursuit of excellence that allows brands to continuously reinvent themselves while remaining timeless.

The challenge of navigating in an industry that is highly competitive and extremely demanding enabled her to strengthen her discipline, love for challenge and hard work.
Lara’s curiosity, professionalism and unique smile turn strategy into a magical journey.

She is grateful MFB has become the thinking partner of companies in various industries around the world.

Lara is part of the Empower tribe, bringing together women entrepreneurs to discuss strategic topics, and an active member of WLA (Women Leaders Association) that is supporting women-owned businesses in Lebanon.

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our core team
Gina Akl
Senior Designer

What motivates her the most? Curiosity and enthusiasm for learning new things. Gina is a keen learner always ready to challenge herself with new experiences.
Gina has spent the last 10 years exploring design in all its shapes, stages and forms. To say that her work experience has been diverse is an understatement. She’s been on various ends of the cycle: graphic design studio, printing press, jewelry design, marketing, handling social media accounts, and she even worked on merchandising set ups for events.

In parallel, she also launched her own label of handbags for which she developed a special collage technique.

She earned her Master’s degree in Graphic Design from the Université Saint Esprit Kaslik (USEK).

Gina also happens to be a dog lover and a mom of a German shepherd called Kaiser.
She loves to travel and discover new civilizations and never misses a party!

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Yara Hitti
Social Media Manager

Yara brings a wealth of expertise to the digital marketing realm. Armed with a BA in TV and Film and a Masters in Digital Communication and Social Media, she seamlessly blended creativity and strategy in her journey. As a Social Media Manager and Content Creator, Yara perfected her skills in audience understanding and crafting engaging content across diverse platforms. Her track record speaks volumes, showcasing an expertise for strategy building, process optimization, and effective execution.

Her career’s toolkit includes top-notch communication, critical thinking, and a keen eye for social media management and strategy development. Besides that, she’s always hooked to the latest trends and updates. Her FOMO is real!

When she’s not shaping captivating digital stories, you’ll find Yara loosening over drinks and exploring the newest gem restaurants around the country. Beyond the screen, her loved ones and friends are an integral part of the post-work plans.

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Lama Itani
Junior Designer

What inspires her? A whole new world of experimentation and enthusiasm. A world that she translates through her designs. What interest her the most is the experimental projects she created during her studies at The Lebanese American University of Beirut (LAU), where she got the chance to release her creativity by playing with different mediums/ techniques, and integrating them with nature elements.
After she took her Bachelors of Graphic Design, she found herself into branding and seeing her digital work come into real life.

Lama loves taking risks and trying new things. Vibrant colors are the most thing she enjoyed playing with, and combining different colors together.
In parallel to her studies at the university she worked at several places to make sure she gets the chance to meet the outer world.

Outside of work, Lama is a social person who loves making jokes and seeing people laugh. Her iPad is always by her side, the canvas for her playful drawings and creative experiments. She sees art in everything, and believe that every day one should learn new things and improve.¬¬

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